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Active Directory Auditing & Reporting

Active Directory Auditing in Real-Time

In real-time, ensure critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on Users, Groups, GPO, Computer and OU changes with 200+ detailed event specific reports and instant email alerts.

Tracking Active Directory Administrative User Actions

ADAudit Plus is available in 4 Editions

Never expires
25 Workstations free
Reports can be generated
from event log data
collected during evaluation
/ license period
All features of Professional Edition for 30 days
You can Audit 5 Domain
File Servers
1 NetApp Filer (or)
1 EMC File Server
10 Member Servers
100 Workstations
200+ pre-configured audit reports
Real-time Active Directory auditing
Monitor AD User Group Computer OU GPO changes
Audit Workstations logon / logoff
File create modify delete access permissions
Track system events scheduled tasks
Printer & USB audit
Email alerts and Scheduled
Compliance specific reports
Data archiving
All features of Standard Edition +
Group Policy Objects settings audit
Old & new value of all attribute changes of AD Objects
Active Directory permission change audit
Account lockout analyzer
DNS Server Schema Contacts & Configuration Auditing
Support for MS SQL Server database

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

  • Active Directory audit & compliance
    Active Directory audit reports
    Windows Active Directory Monitoring
    Tracking user management actions

    User logon audit reports
    User management audit reports
    Group Policy settings audit reports
    Reports from archive data

    Active Directory alerts and email notification
    Schedule Active Directory change reports
    Compliance Audit Reports
    All AD Change Audit Reports

  • Windows Workstation Auditing
    Audit Reports & Instant Alerts

    Compliance Audit Reports

    All Windows Workstations change audit reports

  • Windows File Server Auditing
    Modification & Access Permissions
    NetApp Filer Auditing

    Scheduled Reports & Alerts
    File Server Cluster Auditing

    Compliance Audit Reports
    All Windows File Servers change audit reports

  • Windows Member Server Auditing
    Audit Reports & Instant Alerts
    Local User logon / logoff auditing
    Security log & system events audit

    Scheduled tasks & processes audit
    User rights & local policies audit
    File Integrity Monitoring

    Printer Auditing
    Compliance Audit Reports
    All Member Servers change audit reports

  • Compliance Auditing
    SOX Compliance

    PCI-DSS Compliance
    HIPAA Compliance

    FISMA Compliance
    GLBA Compliance

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