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Desktop Management

Desktop Management

Manage Windows and Mac
Patch Management

Automate patch deployment related to OS and other third party applications and shield Windows and Mac from security threats.

Software Deployment

Simplify software distribution to install and uninstall software with built-in templates for package creation.

Remote Control

Troubleshoot remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and more.

  Asset Management

Manage your IT assets, software metering, software license management, prohibited software, and more.

Windows Configurations

25+ pre-defined configurations including power management, USB device management, security policies, and so on.

Service Pack Installation

Scan and detect missing service packs of OS and applications and automate deployment to stay up-to-date.

Active Directory Reports

Over 100 canned reports providing a quick and complete insight of the Active Directory infrastructure.

User Administration

Define roles with selective privilege and delegate users to these roles for effective management

OS Deployment    (Related Product)

Comprehensive disk imaging and deployment solution that supports image deployment needs offline and online.

USB Device Management

Restrict and control the usage of USB Devices in the network both at the user-level and at the computer-level.

Power Management

Go green with effective power management by applying power schemes, shutting down inactive computers and getting system uptime report.

Windows Tools

Windows Admin tools helps IT team to perform windows administration tasks on a day-to-day basis. It has a set of 6 tools and comes very handy as it can be performed on multiple computers simultaneously.

Mobile Device Management

Manage iOS, Android and Windows
Device Enrollment

Enroll devices manually, in bulk or make users self-enroll their iOS or Android devices with two factor authentication.


App Management

Distribute both in-house and store apps to devices, remove/disable blacklisted apps, assign redemption codes for commercial apps, and more.

Profile Management

Create and configure policies and profiles for different departments/roles and associate them with appropriate groups.

Asset Management

Scan to fetch the details of installed apps, enforced restrictions, installed certificates and device hardware details.

Security Management

Configure stringent security policies such as passcode, device lock to protect corporate data from outside threats.

Audit and Reports

Audit mobile devices with out-of-the-box reports such as Rooted Devices, Devices with Blacklist Apps, etc.

Integration with other ManageEngine products

Servicedesk Plus – Help Desk software

ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based Help Desk software from ManageEngine. By integrating Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, it enhances the value of your IT services. This integration lets you perform entire desktop and mobile device management activities within a single console.

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand – Help Desk Software on the Cloud

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand is a cloud-based help desk software offered by ManageEngine. By integrating Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, it enables you to combine your regular desktop and mobile device management activities in a simple and secure manner with SaaS based help desk management.

OS Deployer – OS imaging and Deployment software

OS Deployer, helps create a master image of the OS and deploy them to desktops and servers from a central location. By integrating with Desktop Central, new computers will automatically become the part of the managed computers without requiring any additional configurations

Asset Explorer – Inventory Management software

Asset Explorer is an asset management software. By integrating with Desktop Central, you can fetch accurate inventory details of all the hardware and software assets in your organization.

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