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The ITIL is a set of standards defining best practices in service management. Covering 17 different IT service areas, ITIL outlines how best to complete critical IT practices using checklists, tasks, and procedures that although rigorous are nevertheless flexible enough to be tailored to IT organizations of all types and in all industries.

Elitser’ Dedicated Team of ITIL-Certified Professionals.

Elitser has a seasoned team of ITIL-certified consultants that has accrued years of experience through our own internal ITIL practices. We can help you document all the processes and procedures you use to manage your IT environment. This includes run book creation, troubleshooting procedures, and processes that define the interaction between various support groups.

Benefits of engaging Elitser for ITIL consulting

Improve the quality of your
IT services.

ITIL is specifically designed to transform IT organizations from merely providing technology support to delivering business-oriented technology services that directly address business needs.

Reduce the risk of overreaching budgets & deadlines.

Because of the stringent documentation requirements, IT organizations are more likely to stay within financial and time constraints when delivering services to users.

Increase availability of
IT resources.

A better-run IT organization means that system availability is higher and your staff is more efficient and better able to handle user requests.

Elitser ITIL/ITSM Consultancy Process

  • ITIL/ISO/COBIT  GAP Analysis
  • ITIL Implementation Services
  • Service Management Tool Design & Implementation


If you have implemented elements of the ITIL framework or are thinking about doing so, our GAP analysis services will help you have a clear picture of your organisations IT maturity, a suggested implementation plan, critical success factors, the benefits and help you justify the return on investment to help you secure financial buy-in.

Gap analysis is a business assessment tool enabling an organization to compare where it is currently and where it wants to go in the future. This provides the organization with insight to areas which have room for improvement. This can be used to determine the gap between ‘What do we want?’ and ‘What do we need?’

The process involves determining, documenting and approving the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking or other assessments such as service or process maturity assessments. Once the general expectation of performance is understood then it is possible to compare that expectation with the level of performance at which the company currently functions. This comparison becomes the gap analysis. Such analysis can be performed at the strategic, tactical or operational level of an organization.

Gap analysis can be conducted from different perspectives such as:-

  • Maturity Rating against COBIT/ISO 20000/ITIL
  • People, Process , Technology – Inadequacies
  • Business Expectations
  • Information Technologies Future Roadmap
  • Helps identify a Starting point
  • Identifies hidden capabilities and strengths
  • Highlights opportunities for improvements
  • Communicates the vision
  • Sets realistic prioritized objectives that can be executed upon

Gap analysis provides a foundation for how much effort, in terms of time, money and human resources, is required to have a particular goal achieved (e.g. how to bring a service from a maturity level of 2 to 3).

ITIL Implementation Services

Elitser Consultants have a vast experience in ITIL implementations. If you want to achieve just one process implementation, a few targeted processes or the entire framework, Elitser Consultants will help you achieve this within realistic time frames.

We will produce a Scope of Work, Project Initiation documents and manage the Project implementation from Start to Finish.

Elitser Consultants can also provide additional services such as Service Management Tool Design, Auditing, Internal Marketing and Training to ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

The process of implementing ITIL will always vary for different organisations. The first step is to understand where your organisation is right now, and where it wants to get to. Typical activities of an Elitser ITIL implementation project will include

  •  Project Iniation and management – establish and deliver objectives. Drive the project through People, Process and Technology Work streams
  • Process Audit
  • Phase Introduction of new processes such as Change Management and Configuration
    Management etc.
  • Establish Process Ownership
  • Training and coaching
  • Detailed Process Design
  • Service Management Tool selection and implementation and / or configuration
  • Establish and measure KPIs
  • Establish a Service Improvement Cycle
  • Better quality services with higher availability
  • Lower costs
  • Improved agility – respond more quickly to business needs
  • Documented, evidenced and auditable processes
  • Measurable processes and Key Performance Indicators
  • Improved teamwork and motivation

Service Management Tool Design & Implementation

Many organisations fall into the trap of buying a service management tool and then changing the way in which they work to suit the tool. This often leads to problems with user acceptance, process efficiency, customer satisfaction and morale.

Elitser Consultants  can help you define the way in which you work, identify areas for improvement and produce a Functional Requirements Specification based on the needs of your business. User acceptance is the main focus throughout the lifecycle of an implementation (starting at the design phase). We can manage internal and external user groups for your organisation to ensure your implementation is fit for every purpose. This avoids going into a never ending cycle of bug fixes and declining morale!

We can provide Project Management services to run your implementation project and even resource in customizing the tool of your choice. If you are unsure of which tool to use, we have had exposure to most of the tools in today’s market. We’ll help you find the right tool for your organisation and budget.

Process Improvement workshops

ITIL/ITSM processes need to be improved regularly, and sometimes a facilitated workshop involving key stakeholders is the best way to ensure that the right people contribute to the improvement of a process, and contribute to how it needs to be improved.

⦁ In an interactive session, we will draw the current process “on the board”, discuss how it currently works, why it needs to improve, and the capabilities in your organisation that can make sure that it does
⦁ We then discuss how a process can be improved, and the steps you can take to start seeing immediate improvement
⦁ We can cover the key ITIL/ITSM processes, including Request fulfillment, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release and Deployment Management, Service Level Management, Service Catalogue Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Capacity Management, Availability Management, and more.

Mentoring and Skills Transfer

Applying ITIL/ITSM to improve the quality of your IT service capability is only common sense if you have the knowledge. One of our experts can spend time with you or your team, and provide the benefit of their experience in helping you to address key challenges and objectives.

Why not use the expertise of one of our experts to help you get to where you need to be? We can make sure that you get it right first time.

Implementation of ITIL/ITSM in your organisation

Creating an IT Service Management culture, and the processes and control that goes with it can be extremely challenging. The benefits of using single processes, tools, and having cross-functional teams that communicate can save you thousands of AED, but the journey to achieving this can be challenging.

Stakeholders at different levels of your organisation will have different objectives, exposure to ITIL/ITSM, and ways in which they believe IT service should be delivered.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated activity, as we can help you to address the key challenges you will face in creating a “single IT service organisation”, and how to project manage and measure the change from current operations to a better place.

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