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IT Project Management

With Project Management integrated with Service Desk Plus, managing projects is simpler for IT Admins. It’s an amazing way to collaborate with various teams and experts. Irrespective of the size of the project, you can easily track and manage any project with ease.

 Automatic Ticket Dispatch

The new auto assign feature distributes tickets based on the existing load on your technicians. It also checks for their availability and SLA tied to the tickets before dispatching them appropriately.

 Business Rules

Put your helpdesk coordinator for a better use by implementing business rules, which allows to categorize, classify and assign tickets based on any criteria matching your business environment.

 Data Archiving

Archive your old, unused data and improve your helpdesk performance. ServiceDesk plus allows you to access your archived data from different queue and also has the capability to search, report and export the data.

Email Commands

You dont have to be logged into the help desk application to create, edit or close tickets, it can be done on the move, with the pre defined email commands in ServiceDesk Plus. Simply send an email with the appropriate commands and the changes are done automatically.

 Help Desk Notifications

Stay informed about your tickets and keep your technicians and end users up to date on the status of the tickets by email and sms. You can also provide login information automatically to for all the users.

 Help Desk Reports

Generate detailed reports about your Help desk performance & metrics. With the variety of reporting functionalities, analyze your help desk and take control over your assets & tickets.

 Knowledge Base

ServiceDesk plus has flexible knowledge base with option to add unlimited KB articles and allows users to easily search the information. It is bundled with fully loaded features like customizable KB for end users & technicians, approval process for article submission.

 Mobile Help Desk

Technicians can now access their tickets from anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. It is an easy to use browser based application specifically built for mobiles catering the needs of ServiceDesk on-the-go.

 Self Service Portal

End users can log in to a web based portal to submit service requests & Incidents. He can also access their existing tickets, find solutions in the Knowledge Base, and track the status of all their requests which will reduce the load of the help desk.

 Service Level Agreement

Create SLA and provide quality services in time, to your end users. With the intuitive SLA management in ServiceDesk Plus, escalate proactively to four levels of hierarchy and make sure your SLAs are met.

User Survey

Know the satisfaction level of your end users with the ServiceDesk Plus survey option, where it allows you to configure questions, satisfaction levels and trigger them in specific to the survey criteria.

ITIL Ready

 Change Management

Through ServiceDesk Plus change management module, provide structured and prompt handling of all changes in your IT infrastructure. It is bundled with categorizing changes, configuring CAB and workflow automation.

 Incident Management

Restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive incident management in ServiceDesk Plus. Report incidents easily, configure SLA, setup automation & workflows for each category of Incidents and minimize business impact.

 Problem Management

With the ServiceDesk Plus problem management, eliminate the root cause effectively and put an end for firefighting of repetitive incidents. It includes managing multiple incidents and workflow automations.

 Service Catalog

Showcase the offered IT services to your end user and give a new face to your IT. You can customize your workflow of delivering the service request specific to each service category. You can also setup approval process and service level agreements for each service request.


Managing your assets will become harder as you scale up your business resources. Now, the problem of your business impact will not go unannounced. ServiceDesk Plus CMDB ensures effortless management of your entire IT infrastructure, by demanding in-depth visibility of your assets present in the environment.

Asset Management

 Asset Discovery

Discover every asset in your network with the efficient auto discovery options available in ServiceDesk Plus. You can discover all the IT assets right from Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX machines, Solaris, Printers, Routers, Switches etc.

 Agent Scanning

With the new agent based scanning, you can access any system from the remote network, independent of their location. The agent also helps to make a remote connection instantly and take control of the screen in seconds.

 Remote Control

Technicians can now access any computer from anywhere in your network quickly and securely with just a web browser & remote control feature in ServiceDesk Plus.

 Automated Password Reset

One of the most requested tickets in an IT help desk is “reset or forgot password”, which takes most of your time in everyday job. We have come with a solution to automate this procedure by automatically resetting the password, by integrating the ticketing system with the Active Directory.

 Contract Management

Manage Contracts with different vendors seamlessly and keep track of the expiry dates with automatic alert notifications for renewals.

 Multi Site Support

Customize your configurations for every site according to their unique working procedure. You can manage multiple sites with a single helpdesk tool and get control & visibility over the IT needs of your organization.

 Software Asset Management

Scan your network and automatically discover all the software available in your organization and also understand how many installations of software are available in your network and manage them accordingly.

 Purchase Order Management

Manage your purchases right from the birth of the PO till the asset expiry with a structured approval and delivery process. Identify the areas to reduce spending and eliminate redundancies.

 AD & LDAP Integration

ServiceDesk plus allows you to import users and their informations from Active directory and LDAP with a simple easy to use interface. It also includes authentication and single sign-on for users without making any changes to schema of AD or LDAP.

 System Tools

System Tools can be easily integrated with ServiceDesk Plus to trouble shoot and manage systems more effectively. Now your IT admins can easily monitor, analyze and manage any number of systems and also perform planned maintenance actions from a central location with features such as Advanced Remote Control, Chat, Asset Scan, System Manager, Wake-on-Lan etc.

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