Patch Manager Plus, our all-around patching solution, offers automated patch deployment for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, plus patching support for 650+ third-party updates across 350+ third party applications. It's available both on-premises and on the cloud.


Scan endpoints to detect missing patches.


Test patches before deployment to mitigate security risks.


Automate patch deployment to OS and 3rd party applications.


Powerful audits and reports for better visibility and control.


All essentials to patch 750+ applications through one reliable platform

Automate patch management
Automate Patch Management

Automate all phases of patch management - from scanning, assessment, deployment and reporting.

Cross-platform support
Cross-Platform Support

Seamlessly handle every aspect of Windows, Mac and Linux patch management.

Third party applications patching
Third party Applications Patching

Manage and deploy patches to over 350+ 3rd party applications such as Adobe, Java, WinRAR and more.

Flexible deployment policies
Flexible Deployment Policies

Customize patch deployment policies at ease, to meet your unique business needs.

Test & approve patches
Test & Approve Patches

Create test groups, test patches and approve for deployment to production environments automatically.

Windows 10 feature update deployment
Windows 10 feature Update Deployment

Secure Windows 10 PCs by deploying the latest feature update without compromising on productivity.

Decline patches/applications
Decline Patches/Applications

Prioritize your deployment by declining less critical patches, declined patches can be rolled back and revoked for deployment.

Ensure patch compliance
Ensure Patch Compliance

Achieve 100% patch compliance status across all systems, through endpoint evaluation and remediation techniques.

Insightful reports
Insightful Reports

Gain greater visibility into patch compliance and patch status of endpoints with flexible, real-time audits and reporting.

Remote Patch Management for a work-from-home setup
Remote Patch Management for a work-from-home Setup

Know how Patch Manager Plus could help in remotely patching your endpoints. Also, read and implement the best practices while trying to patch remote endpoints.